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1-to-1 well-being & somatic coaching

Through years of training and experience, I employ a range of mind-body tools and techniques including coaching, somatic movement, breath work, craniosacral therapy, and theraputic art to find a unique solution for you, to guide you on your path to self-healing.

Regular 1-to-1 sessions are the most effective way of managing mental health and wellbeing. After your initial consultation appointment, it is recommended to schedule an on-going weekly session of customised care and practices.


Available at my Oxford clinic or online via Zoom. 

Initial assessment session


I offer a complementary approach when supporting your mental health and wellbeing.  New research show that traum is not released through talking alone. My support is holistic and so offer a mind-body approach. Although this is not a counselling service, I am a qualified trauma-informed practitioner and empathetic listener and will offer you practical tools that can be used to manage symptoms.


You will be given a set of specific practices that will be tailored for you to practice at home. Your home practice should take no more than 10 minutes a day and is an integral component of the healing process.

Adult £120/Teenager £75 

6-week programme


After the initial consultation, should you choose for us to continue working together, a 6-week program is recommended.


A 6-week somatic well-being coaching course includes:-


  • 6 x face-to-face or online somatic coaching sessions

  • Weekly tailored home practices

  • Support throughout your programme

*In addition to this you will gain access to online on-demand videos of movement practices and guided relaxations.  



(includes 6 weeks access to online group classes)

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