1-to-1 movement therapy & somatic coaching

Through years of training and experience, I employ a range of mind-body tools and techniques including yoga, somatic movement, reiki, craniosacral therapy and reflexology to find a unique solution for you, to guide you on your path to self-healing.

Regular 1-to-1 sessions are the most effective way of managing and reducing chronic pain and imbalances. After your initial consultation appointment, it is recommended to schedule an on-going weekly session of customised care and practices.

Consultation session


Within your initial 90-minute consultation, you will be given a full postural assessment to assess what habitual patterns are preventing a full range of movement in the body.

Prior to your appointment, you will be asked if you would like to share via email, any previously experienced trauma that may be preventing ease of movement or causing ongoing stress or anxiety.


I work in partnership with local therapists to be able to offer a complementary approach when helping to release pain and trauma in the body. Although this is not a counselling service, I am a qualified trauma-informed practitioner and empathetic listener.


You will then be given a set of specific movement practices that will be recorded for you to watch and practice at home. Your home practice should take no more than 10 minutes a day and is an integral component of the healing process.

Online £75         In-person £80

6-week programme


After the initial consultation, should you choose for us to continue working together, a 6-week program is recommended in order for the brain to create new neural pathways. This allows the brain to re-learn how to allow the muscles to set at their optimal resting length and eliminate pain within the body.


A 6-week somatic re-education course includes:-


  • 6 x face-to-face online somatic coaching sessions

  • Weekly tailored home movement practices

  • 3 online somatic movement classes per week

  • Unlimited support throughout your programme


6-Week Programme £450


1-to-1 support for parents, carers & teachers

I believe it is vitally important that the people who are caring for others are also cared for themselves, nourished and understood. As the saying goes, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’. I am passionate about working with parents, carers and teachers by offering helpful, practical and easy strategies that can be used every day so that you can feel empowered with further understanding of why children react the ways they do and also to offer you a tool box of methods that can help to regulate yourself and co-regulate the children in your care. One of the key components for mental health is feeling safe in our environment. In order for important brain functioning like decision making , rational thinking and emotional processing we need to feel safe. I work in a person centred way that places and you needs at the centre. At its core, it is a way to bring you back into your own autonomy. This means as you start to feel seen, heard, valued and nurtured it will have a positive knock on effect on all of your relationships with less stress and more joy.

Online £75         In-person £80   

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