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Private Integrative Holistic Movement Therapy & Somatic Coaching

As a yoga and somatic movement coach and an integrative holistic therapist, Francesca works one-to-one with a diverse range of clients from stressed-out CEOs, cancer recovery patients, professional equestrians, and weekend-warriors to the non-bendy yoga beginner and yoga teachers seeking to deepen their knowledge.

Through her years of training and experience, Francesca employs a range of mind-body

tools and techniques including yoga, somatic movement, reiki, craniosacral therapy

and reflexology to target your needs and guide you on your path to self-healing.

Regular one-to-one sessions are the most effective way of managing and reducing

chronic pain and imbalances and after your initial consultation appointment it is

recommended to schedule an on-going weekly session of customised care and practices.

Consultation Appointments

Francesca offers online & in-person tailored sessions using an integrative Somatic Yoga approach, that blends her 20 years of experience and professional training.

What to expect


Within your initial 90-minute consultation, you will be given a full postural assessment to assess what habitual patterns are preventing a full range of movement in the body.

Prior to your appointment, you will be asked if you would like to share via email, any previously experienced trauma that may be preventing ease of movement or causing ongoing stress or anxiety.


Francesca works in partnership with local therapists to be able to offer a complementary approach when helping to release pain and trauma in the body. Although this is not a counselling service, Francesca is a qualified trauma-informed practitioner and empathetic listener.


You will then be given a set of specific movement practices that will be recorded for you to watch and practice at home. Your home practice should take no more than 10 minutes a day and is an integral component of the healing process.

Consultation £75

6-Week Programme

Should you decide to continue working with Francesca, a 6-week program is recommended in order for the brain to create new neural pathways and re-learn how to allow the muscles to set at their optimal resting length and eliminate pain within the body.


A six-week Somatic re-education course includes:-


  • 6 x face-to-face online Somatic coaching sessions

  • Weekly tailored home movement practices

  • 3 online Somatic movement classes per week

  • Unlimited support throughout your program


6-Week Programme £450

Tel: 07813 010348

Email: yogawithfrancesca@hotmail.co.uk

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