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What is Somatic Movement?

Hanna Somatic Movement is a theraputic movement practice which engages the body in 'PANDICULATION ' - a process of slow, concious movements - teaching the brain and body how to release chronic tension and how to move more naturally and effectively, helping to prevent stress and damage to the body.

Somatic movement classes offer long term relief by going to the root cause of

Back/neck/shoulder pain


Hip pain



And other common ailments

Somatic classes and one-to-ones aim to empower you by teaching you the tools to create better self awareness of your body and it's patterns. The small gentle movements in Somatic Body Care classes feel like giving your body a massage from the inside out, giving you long term results and renewed freedom of movement. Learn more about Somatics.

Group Classes or One-to-One?

If you have a specific on going issue in your body and have chronic pain then it is a good idea to start out with a private one-to-one session or course of sessions. In a session we will firstly assess your bodies patterns, then work through a set of small gentle movements to re-train your brain to muscle connection. You will then be given videos of the movements to practice on your own daily.


Group Somatic Movement classes are a great way to learn the movements for general tightness and will give you the group support and motivation to continue your daily practice and discover more tools to help you on your journey.

If you have tried everything and still have pain, I invite you to give Somatics a try.

Class Schedule


Restorative Somatic Yoga

Somatics classes and online classes (available soon)

An ideal class for

  • beginners

  • those who prefer a gentle practice

  • people recovering from injury or illness

  • people seeking to release pain or chronic tension

  • for those wish to deepen their mind-body connection and expand their yoga practice.


In this class you will experience Somatic Yoga, learning how to release tightly held muscles and stress through gentle and considered movement.

By working to incorporate Somatic movement into our yoga practice or lifestyle, we develop greater freedom and ease in all our daily movements.


£12 per class

Restorative Yoga & Somatics

A gentle and restorative class combining yoga and somatic movement, working remedially to release tension from the body.

These classes are fantastic for anyone with pain or chronic tension, teaching you how to release tightly held muscles and stress, and allowing you to learn and enjoy gentle yoga postures.

Beginners are welcome.

Tuesdays 10-11am

Sarvanga Yoga Studio, Wokingham

£50 - 5 week course starting Nov 19th

£12 drop-in for existing students

Fridays  10-11am

Sarvanga Yoga Studio, Wokingham

£12 drop-in

Private Coaching

Hanna Somatic education uses gentle and easy exercises that empower you to experience freedom from pain and move with ease. These movements can easily fit into your life.


One-to-one sessions are the best way to get straight to the point if you have an on-going problem and would like to learn this powerful pain management practice for yourself.



Initial 90 minute consultation

Consultation includes:

  • Lifestyle and case history

  • Posture analysis

  • Full assesment of your needs

  • Tailored somatic movement education

  • Guidance on continuing the work at home

  • Video support for your home practice

£75 for initial 90 minute appointment

£65 for further 60 minute appointments

More About Somatics

Soma is the Greek word for ‘what it means to be in the body’. What it feels like to be in our body and our experience of ourselves from the inside. Somatic movement understands that each persons experience is uniquely different.

Somatic coaching is a neurological workout. By re-training the brain and its connection to the muscles which have become ‘stuck’ in a pattern of contraction and forgotten how to relax. This is called SMA, (Sensory Motor Amnesia).

Over time, when your body gets used to staying in a pattern, for example sat at desk all day, your core muscles learn to become permanently contracted. Previously it was thought that the core needed strengthening. It has now been discovered that in fact it actually because your muscles are permanently contracting and become weak as a result of over use. Sensory motor amnesia occurs when the brain is constantly sending a message to your muscles to keep them in contraction or protection mode. Hence the word amnesia, your brain has forgotten to send the message ‘relax’ to the muscles.



"Francesca is an excellent teacher. Her clarity, enthusiasm, professionalism and infinite patience shine through in both group and 1:1 settings. Her practical and holistic Somatic teaching helped me become aware of forgotten but subtle body movements that in turn added value to my physiotherapy sessions"

Dr Nigel McFetridge

©2018 by Francesca Melluzzi