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Somatic movement as medicine (Iffley)

Weekly somatic movement class at Iffley Village Hall, Oxford.

  • 1 h
  • From 60 British pounds
  • Iffley Village Hall, 116-122 Church Way, Iffley, Oxford, OX4 4EG

Service Description

Somatic Movement as Medicine class, curated with therapists, healers, and caregivers in mind. Designed to address the unique needs of those who understand the depth of emotional well-being. **Why is this Class Particularly Beneficial for You?** 1. **Emotional Release:** As individuals who hold space for others, this class provides a dedicated space for therapists, healers, and caregivers to release and replenish, recognising the importance of addressing their own emotional well-being. 2. **Safe Space:** Offering a safe and supportive environment, this class is designed to allow exploration and release without the responsibility of facilitating others, creating a space solely for your own healing. 3. **Energy Renewal:** Engaging in somatic practices becomes a vital outlet for energy renewal, preventing burnout often associated with caregiving professions and providing a valuable opportunity to recharge. 4. **Lightness and Brightness:** The intentional focus on letting go in the class contributes to a sense of lightness and brightness, fostering a positive and rejuvenated mindset. 5. **Mindful Reconnection:** Somatic movement practices facilitate a mindful reconnection with the body, allowing therapists and healers to tune into their own physical and emotional needs. 6. **Holistic Well-being:** Our class supports a holistic approach to well-being, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of health crucial for those in caregiving roles. 7. **Self-Care Ritual:** Your participation in this class becomes a meaningful self-care ritual, emphasising the importance of prioritising your own emotional and physical health. 8. **Trauma-Informed Healing:** Especially beneficial for those working with trauma, somatic practices provide a valuable tool for personal healing, acknowledging the interconnectedness of body and mind. Join us in this transformative and replenishing experience. Embrace a space designed to nurture your overall well-being and resilience, recognising the unique challenges and importance of your role as a therapist, healer, or caregiver.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Please give 48 hours notice of a cancellation. Thereafter no refunds can be given.

Contact Details

07813 010348

The Little Health Hub, Botley Road, Oxford, UK

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