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Hello, I’m Francesca,


 My mission is to support people to feel seen, heard, valued, and nurtured. I believe that everyone wants to feel accepted, understood, and loved for who they are no matter what the age. 


 I am incredibly passionate about supporting and most importantly empowering adults, parents, teaching staff, teenagers & SEN to feel more confident, self-compassionate, nurtured, and emotionally resilient.


My background is multidisciplinary, with 20 years experience in Holistic Therapy, Neuroscience, Yoga and Somatics as well as being a certified Trauma & Mental Health Practitioner in Schools. I work regularly with the charity Camp Mohawk, both as a support worker, working with children and families directly and also as a freelance Somatic Yoga wellbeing practitioner offering group sessions and private 1-2-1 sessions. Research has shown that when a person's nervous system is in ‘rest and digest’, the brain is primed for improved learning and overall quality of life and wellbeing. Perhaps you someone who has pain in your body and you've tried everything but still have pain? Maybe you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and want to have a better sleep pattern? Or are you a parent of a teenager and would like to offer your child some ways that they can better manage anxiety and navigating adolescence?

If any of this speaks to you please contact me or arrange a phone call. 

I look forward to supporting you in any way I can.


Francesca x


    Professional training

  • Somatic Movement coach (group classes & 1-2-1)

  • 20 years experience teaching Yoga (group classes & 1-2-1)

  • 20 years experience as a holistic therapist

  • Aromatherapist

  • Reflexologist

  • Massage practitioner

  • Reiki level 1,2, 3 (master) 

  • Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga for Children & Teenagers Teacher 

  • Craniosacral therapist level 1 Upledger insitute

  • Trauma-informed Practitioner with the Institute of Art In Therapy and Education

  • Integrative approach tailoring programs to suit individual needs

  • Extensive experience working with children with autism & learning difficulties

  • Yoga for ADHD & Autism Teacher 

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