Francesca Melluzzi
Somatics Coach, Yoga Instructor & Integrative Holistic Therapist
I wholeheartedly believe that every individual deserves to feel safe, seen heard and valued. Once shown compassion, and listened to with understanding and empathy, they can then be offered tools to empower themselves to feel healthier in body and mind. 

Hi, I'm Francesca Melluzzi.


Through 20 years of teaching Yoga, I have always taken an integrative approach, using holistic therapies as well as continually developing my method to create a unique blend of movement practice, that empowers my students to take back control of their physical and mental well-being.

I have created a unique blend of Yoga and Somatic movement therapy that unlike modern-Western Yoga (that can sometimes seem more like a fitness routine) fuses both the wisdom of the ancient Yogi's with intelligent, progressive and science-informed practices.


By teaching you how to retrain and re-educate your muscular neural pathways, you will gain the tools to live pain-free, with improved posture, greater confidence, and all-round well-being.


After training in India, my own personal practice and understanding of Yoga philosophy include practices such as Kirtan (chanting of sacred mantra) as well as neuroscience and trauma-informed practices.


Additionally, I have worked as a holistic therapist working on a 1-to-1 basis with children and adults with physical disabilities, offering physical therapy and connection in a world that for many people with challenges can feel isolating. 


I work regularly with the charity Camp Mohawk, both as a support worker, working with children and families directly and also as a freelance wellbeing practitioner offering group sessions within Camp Mohawk.

As an integrative holistic practitioner and somatic coach I hold a sincere intention to serve those who want more than just stretching from a class, as such my approach is to gently encourage self-awareness and self-responsibility. I endeavour to teach in a way that is both sensitive and informative, to empower students to come back “home” to the still point within and gain the tools to live and move with freedom and ease. You will feel warmly welcomed and invited to come and rest, and be as you are.

Training and Skills


Certified Somatic Movement Therapist (group classes & 1-2-1)
20 years experience teaching Yoga (group classes & 1-2-1)
20 years experience as a holistic therapist

Trauma Informed Practitioner with the Institute of Art In Therapy and Education
Integrative approach tailoring programs to suit individual needs
Extensive experience working with children with autism & learning difficulties