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Somatic yoga is a new approach to me. Like anything new I felt a little uncomfortable, but that lasted seconds! Francesca’s open heart and calming presence enveloped me instantly. I felt seen, safe, held. Breath was the foundation, the movements well explained, intuitive, small safe and controlled. A deep awareness calmed my chattering mind and the hour passed in what felt like minutes. I felt revived, rejuvenated yet beautifully calm. This class is suited to every~body. You are in amazing hands; I cannot recommend Francesca highly enough.  

Claire Croft  (Pilates & Yoga teacher) 

I’ve been participating in Francesca’s Somatics class for nearly a year during treatment for cancer. The pace and content of the classes have been perfect in helping me to relax and become more aware of what my body is telling me. I find it easier to listen to it and give it time and attention, leading to a sense of wellbeing at an otherwise stressful time. A totally inclusive class where everyone, no matter what their ability, is made welcome.’ 


Debbie Mc Fadden (Somatics student)

I started seeing Francesca because I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain since a car accident several years ago. I have seen several physio’s, chiropractors and osteopaths as well as having massages over the years, but the relief was only ever minimal and temporary. I have also recently been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, fibromyalgia, where I experience generalised pain and exhaustion. Francesca is really warm, empathic and knowledgeable and has been able to explain the science behind somatics and the exercises that she has taught me have been the only intervention that has made a real difference to my quality of life. It has reduced my pain and increased my energy levels, and most importantly I feel more empowered to manage my pain outside of sessions. Plus the sessions with Francesca are really relaxing as she has many different skills and can individually tailor the sessions to what you and your body needs. Thank you Francesca!


L Mason (Somatics student)

Francesca is an excellent teacher. Her clarity, enthusiasm, professionalism and infinite patience shine through in both group and 1:1 settings. Her practical and holistic somatic teaching helped me become aware of forgotten but subtle body movements that in turn added value to my physiotherapy sessions. 

Dr Nigel McFetridge (Somatics student)

My 15-year-old daughter was introduced to Francesca when she was suffering from extreme anxiety in relation to attending school and in particular, difficulty with social situations.  She has autistic traits and so struggles to read body language and at times doesn't show empathy.  Through my daughter attending the Teen Wellness classes in Wokingham and also having a few 1-2-1 sessions with Francesca this has helped ease her anxiety and build up a trust with Francesca so that she can open up and talk about some of her worries. The way in which Francesca engages with her and focuses her mind is incredible and I even experienced how great she was when I attended a Mother and Daughter class at the end of last year - Francesca's classes are thoughtful and fun at the same time! I would thoroughly recommend Francesca to work with any teenager to help them navigate the world outside and the challenging teenage years. Particularly now in 2020 with the Covid 19 pandemic I feel that Francesca's knowledge and help has been invaluable to us.  

Miriam Prosser (mother of teen student)

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