Life can get pretty stressful for teenagers. Exam pressure, the weight of social and personal expectations, the struggles of discovering who you are and where you fit in a chaotic modern world.


Yoga classes are a wonderful way to take time out, to switch off from the world, to learn to listen to their bodies and help them become comfortable in their own skin.

My classes are designed to promote self-connection and relaxation whilst developing strength, balance, and flexibility, and I have a passion for working with teenagers with special educational needs in groups or one-to-one.

Please see below for classes, or contact me to discuss your needs.

Upcoming Classes & Courses
Yoga For Teenagers

Wednesdays 4:30pm until 5:30pm

Five Week Course, September 23rd - October 21st

Sarvanga Yoga Studio, Wokingham

Ages 12 years plus.

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