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Corporate wellness

I have worked with many corporate companies to help staff find ease, freedom and joy in their work. My clients include Cisco, Vodafone, Oxfam as well as some of the UK's best health spas such as Nirvana Spa and PennyHill Park Hotel.

What I offer is best described through the words of my latest client: 

“I had the pleasure to work with Francesca Melluzzi to further engage with our customer advocate community at Cisco (The Gateway) .Francesca was appointed Wellness ambassador for the community and created bespoke wellness content for all advocates including videos, audio as well as speaking directly to advocates and answering questions regarding their physical and mental health. That initiative was designed to building trusting relationships with the community as well as providing 1-2-1 support and wellness coaching to our audience. Francesca also hosted and co-hosted leadership workshops for team building with excellent feedback and overall, highly positive effect on general employee satisfaction. Francesca’s work included creating creative strategies to motivate and encourage gateway advocates in their wellness channel with tailored wellness videos to support Cisco Gateway's health with additional live sessions that were designed to improve relationships within the workplace as well as at home. I cannot thank Francesca enough for driving engagement in our community and improving the overall advocate wellbeing. Francesca’s professionalism, work ethic and positive nature go beyond words. Francesca’s work was critical to strengthening the success of our community.”

Valerio Battelli

Global Customer Advocate experience, Segment and Industry Advocacy Lead

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