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"Full Circle”: Rediscovering the Essence of Yoga

Updated: Oct 22

In a world where many discover yoga out of necessity, my journey has taken a unique path. As I sit back and reflect on my life, I realise that I've come full circle, returning to a profound appreciation for yoga that I once took for granted.

I began my yoga teaching career at the tender age of 24, fortunate enough to offer holistic therapies and share the gifts of yoga with the world. I lived well, and my body felt healthy and full of vitality. Little did I know how much life would change in the next three years.

When the pandemic hit, like many others, I transitioned my teaching to the online realm. Interestingly, this shift was well-suited for my primary practice – Hanna Somatics. If you're unfamiliar with it, Hanna Somatics is a meditative journey with your eyes closed, an inward-focused practice where you lie down. It's distinct from traditional Hatha yoga, though I occasionally dabbled in that as well. My online journey has primarily been a mat-based Hanna Somatic yoga practice.

During the pandemic and still to this day, I run an online membership where students join me three times a week for an online class. In 2019, I trained as a trauma and mental health practitioner, combining my holistic expertise, yoga teaching experience, and mindfulness training to become an ADHD and autism coach for teenagers.

These transitions have meant that I'm spending more time sitting, teaching online, and mentoring, and it's had a profound impact on my body. I've come to realise that I took my body's flexibility, posture, and, most importantly, its pain-free existence for granted. My once-daily yoga practice has dwindled to once a week.

Recently, I rejoined a yoga class, and it was a revelation. I was reminded of the comments my clients used to make – how incredible it felt to relax their bodies, keep their shoulders and backs healthy, and experience a pain-free existence. I chuckled inwardly when, during Savasana (corpse pose), I found myself wishing I could stay there with a blanket and sleep the night away.

Now, in my early 40s, I've rekindled my love for yoga. Walking up the stairs, I feel the crunch in my knees and aches in my body that I never experienced before. Yoga has transitioned from a luxury to a necessity, a vital practice that I once again cherish. I find myself practicing daily, alongside my meditation, to keep my mind and body healthy, balanced, and strong.

In conclusion, yoga transcends the realm of mere physical exercise. It delves deep into the core of our existence, bringing balance to our internal organs, regulating the nervous system, and fostering an invaluable connection to the present moment. As I reflect on my own journey, I'm reminded of a timeless spiritual classic, "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, a book that has guided me for over two decades. Its wisdom remains as pertinent today as it was when I first discovered it. Through yoga, we can access this timeless wisdom, a gateway to the here and now, where our true essence resides. So, the next time you roll out your yoga mat, remember that you're not just stretching your body; you're nourishing your soul and embracing the power of the present moment.

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