Available Online

Online Yoga Nidra & Somatics

Highly recommended for busy minds and people who want to pause & rest

  • 1 hour
  • 15 British pounds
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

Details Yoga Nidra is the yoga of sleep, it will help prepare your mind and body for deep and restful nights sleep. We also use very simple Hanna Somatic movements to help prepare the body and mind to let go of any tension. This class can be taken with your camera switched off as this is an audio experience. Highly recommended for busy minds and people who want to pause and rest to feel rested and deeply relaxed. Instructions Live Classes run on Zoom. Here's how to join: 1) Book your place as normal on the booking system & report any health info when prompted 2) Download Zoom to your mobile, tablet or computer (https://us04web.zoom.us/ or visit App stores) 3) Find a space to practice in - it doesn't need to be perfect! If you don't have a mat, maybe grab a towel or just use the floor! 4) Check your emails - a class link will be sent to you 15 minutes before we start. Click, join the room and mute your microphone but keep your camera on so I can see you. 5) Enjoy! This is probably new to most of us (it is to me!) so if you have glitches feel free to feedback. I will endeavor to make classes available for viewing later where possible. By making a booking you are agreeing to the above terms and take full res