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The body keeps the score…

‘Your body is your most faithful friend, because it has nowhere else to be but in the now’

-A Smith

The body keeps the score is an illumining book by Bessel Van de Kolk. His research into emotional trauma and its effects on a persons physical and mental health has helped to change the way we see pain and disease in the body. Research shows that for every thought there is a physical response in the body.

When you are attuned to your body, and have a greater understanding and awareness of sensation, this can bring about long lasting change and self correction of habitual

patterns in your body.

Listening to the body and it’s messages can be a real advantage in life. If you can learn to pause and feel what is underneath the sensation with curiosity and awareness, this will connect you to your inner felt sense, known as proprioception.

As you begin to look from the inside out this can help you to respond, rather than react when your nervous system is overwhelmed, which in turn will reduce pain and discomfort in the body.

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