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Hi! I’m Francesca Melluzzi, with over 20 years of experience specialising in neurodivergent teenagers and their families.


My mission is simple: to ensure neurodivergent teenagers and their support systems feel genuinely seen and heard. I focus on collaborative coaching, tailored strategies, and evidence-based psychoeducation.


I emphasise trauma-informed and somatic coaching inspired by experts like Stephen Porges and Bessel van der Kolk. Trust and psychological safety are key as we empower growth, not "fix" individuals.


Seeking warm, empathetic, and effective coaching? Book a free discovery call to find out more.

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What clients are saying about me

"Francesca is amazing. Described by my teen as “super helpful” Francesca’s sessions have helped them to accommodate their ADHD while learning how to harness it. She helps them to look back at how things went and then to look forward at how those experiences might go better with a bit of planning. We have noticed a huge change as a result. Valuable coaching in a safe space where one can openly express oneself. We feel very lucky to have found her."

Katie Breathwick

"Francesca has a warm and welcoming nature, allowing me to feel comfortable from our first meeting. The tools Francesca uses during her sessions are intergrative and person centered, I highly recommend her as a well-being practitioner. Before meeting Francesca I had been in therapy for about a year but the work with Francesca in the 6 weeks I spent with her was beneficial 100 times over". 


"I have been doing both online classes and private 1-1 sessions with Francesca and I have seen such a dramatic improvement in my health wellbeing and movement.Over the years I've seen a huge variety of physio's, chiropractors, massage therapists as well as lots of complementary therapists for chronic pain issues. Somatics with Francesca has made more of a difference than all of them put together. To anyone who has chronic pain I would highly recommend having a chat to Francesca to discuss how she can help you too."

Janice Morrison


How we can work

Happy Teens


Bespoke private sessions & programmes in Oxford & online.

Happy Smile

ADHD & Autism coaching

Helping & neurodivergent teens feel safe, heard & valued.

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Practice in your own space & time from my on-demand library.

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Weekly online and in-person classes & memberships.

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