Hi, I'm Francesca, and I'm so delighted you're here.


I am a teacher and therapist with a special interest in the mind-body connection through movement, breath, sound and therapeutic art. 


My training and experience spans over 20 years in private, charitable, and corporate settings as a multidisciplinary holistic therapist, yoga teacher, somatic coach, and trauma-informed practitioner with specialist training in teaching yoga to children with Autism and ADHD.

I have found there is never a one-size-fits-all solution to wellness, which is why I treat every individual and organisation as totally unique. I place the person at the heart of everything I do, tailoring every session to your or your organisation's specific needs.

Most people I work with are:

  • living with chronic pain

  • families and teaching staff who support young people

  • teenagers with Autism and ADHD

  • anyone wanting to feel more flexible and relaxed. 


There is no one size fits all, and I would be delighted to help you find your solution to feel happy, healthy, and balanced. 

Scroll down to explore the many ways we can work together or get in touch. 

Francesca x



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How we can work together

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Adult somatics
& yoga classes

Dynamic Somatic Yoga Flow

A unique class that blends traditional hatha yoga with therapeutic somatic movements to build strength, flexibility and greater self awareness. Using mindful flowing poses that feel graceful and also build strength at the same time to help increase bodily self awareness. This allows the practitioner to self-correct and release stress-based patterns from the body.


Classes start with mindful breathing and somatic movements, moving into sun salutations, standing poses and ending with seated grounding poses to calm, revitalise, restore balance and harmony for the entire nervous system.



A class that uses a technique of pandiculation to reprogram muscles to their optimal length in a resting position. Instead of only stretching muscles this class utilises progressive intelligent movement-based practices based on the work of Thomas Hanna, Dr Stephen Porges (Polyvagal Theory) and Martha Peterson. Somatic movement classes will help unwind stiffness, pain and postural imbalances, calm the nervous system and increasing flexibility through brain-to-muscle re-education. When the body, brain and nervous system are working together in harmony there will be a rediscovering of what it means to live and move with freedom and ease.

Teens & Tweens

I’m passionate about supporting both neurotypical and neurodiverse teenagers from 11-19 years feel emotionally and psychologically safe. Through practical strategies and tools, we work together to help them feel seen, heard, nurtured, and valued. I help teenagers understand some of the reasons why they feel the way they do through easy-to-understand neuroscience, and then support them through yoga, somatics, emphatic listening, reflection, therapeutic art, and sound. Together we find ways to positively explore and process emotions that are often difficult to express. Once learnt, these tools can be used on a daily basis to manage stress and anxiety, help support emotional resilience, and promote feelings of joy and connection with themselves and those around them.

somatic yoga art therapy for carers

Parents & Carers

I believe it is vitally important that the people who are caring for others are also cared for themselves, that they feel nourished and understood. As the saying goes, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’. I am passionate about working with parents, carers, and teachers to offer helpful, practical, and easy strategies that can be used every day so that you can feel empowered with further understanding of why children react the ways they do and also to offer you a tool box of methods that can help to regulate yourself and co-regulate the children in your care.


One of the key components for mental health is feeling safe in our environment. In order for important brain functioning like decision making , rational thinking and emotional processing we need to feel safe. I work in a person centred way that places and you needs at the centre. At its core, it is a way to bring you back into your own autonomy. This means as you start to feel seen, heard, valued and nurtured it will have a positive knock on effect on all of your relationships with less stress and more joy.

Teachers & Schools

The average time a child has to wait to get help with a mental health issue is 10 years*. And so with children spending 195 days a year in school it makes sense that while these vitally important relationships are being formed with key staff, the school environment constantly improves in strengthening its knowledge base when it comes to mental health and their knowledge of mental wellbeing. I can help.


Together, we will work as a school to:

  •  empower teaching staff with practical strategies and tools to identify, manage and communicate children’s challenges;

  • develop further self awareness so as to be able to reflect and respond to challenging situations rather than react;

  • strengthen the school culture around the values of person centred care, empathetic listening and embodiment.

* Kahn, L. (2016). Missed Opportunities: A review of recent evidence into children and young people's mental health. The Centre for Mental Health (UK). 


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